Happy New Year 2021

We at Quicksalary would like to say thank you. 2020 wasn’t nice to some of us but thank God we’ve made it to 2021. We are glad you shared last year with us and we are looking forward to amazing 2021.

Though 2020 was tough, we were able to launch Quicksalary. This is a product we had been working on for years and finally being able to launch it was a great achievement. We were also able to add the Quick Reward feature which allows colleagues to reward each other for good work.

Our Plan For 2021

In order to meet our mission, we will continue to work on our product for better usability and and user experience. Below are some of the features to expect this year:

Insurance Services
We will partner with insurance companies to bring amazing insurance services to our platform.

Our savings feature will completely be available and savers will be able to earn interest from their savings.

Investment Services
We will partner with third parties to bring investment opportunities to employees using Quicksalary.

First Mobile App
This will be one of the major project this year for us. In a short time we will be releasing the first version of Quicksalary mobile app which will make it easy for users to access their accounts on their mobile phones without going to the web.

Financial Education
We will bring more financial wellness lessons, tip, and resources to our blog.

These and many more features is what to expect from us this year and we can’t wait to make them available to you.

To better enjoy these features you must be an active user and must be connected with your employer. If your employer is yet to sign up kindly inform us and we will try our possible best to bring them to Quicksalary.

If you have any question or enquiries don’t fail to reach out to us. Have a wonderful week and Happy New Year once again.

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