Introducing Quick Reward


As part of our mission to empower a more productive and engaging workplace for businesses, we introduced a new feature called Quick Reward.

Quick Reward is a fun and innovative employee reward and recognition feature. Quick Reward allow colleagues to reward each other for completing a task. The feature is also available to employers which allows them to reward their employees for exceptional services.

Quick Reward are points which are converted into monetary values and be used to pay bills, buy airtime or even available for cash withdrawal. 1 Quick Reward point is equivalent to 1 naira.

For employers, they can only reward employees in their organization while employees only required the recipient employee code to easily reward them.

Quicksalary charges a flat rate of 5 points which is equivalent to 5 naira per reward. To start using Quick Reward, kindly log on to your dashboard and select Quick Reward from the side menu.

Enjoy your rewards!

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