Introducing Quicksalary

Are you a salary earner? Do you often find yourself in a mid-month income crisis-always looking forward to the next payday while trying not to run out of cash before month-end or worst still end up borrowing from high-cost payday loans?

Perhaps, you are probably in need of a sustainable solution to your financial stress and a guide to financial freedom.

Or maybe you are an employer who is concerned about the financial wellbeing of your employees, longing for a more productive workplace attitude and in need of a better and a simpler way to handle your employees’ payments while cutting the payroll costs.

If you happen to fall within this category, then, Quicksalary, a workplace-financial wellness solution is just what you need.

Quicksalary is a cloud-based financial management technology that seeks to put an end to financial stress and enhance workplace productivity by providing employees with instant access to wages on a daily basis.

We achieve this by partnering with employers letting them focus on their business while we handle their employees’ payment and cut down on payroll cost as the payroll system is handled efficiently and daily with no subscription or payment whatsoever.

Quicksalary provides employees with financial wellness tools that help to pay bills, automate savings and invest earnings on any area of choice and also, in order to give a better user experience allows for easy online transactions anytime, anywhere.

So, it’s definitely a win-win for both employers and employees, as employees get an opportunity to take hold of their finances and gain financial freedom, employers get to keep their high-value staff while providing them with a platform to save for a raining day. This is a means to a more exciting, creative, productive and innovative work experience afterwards.

Get started on a journey towards workplace and financial wellness with Quicksalary. Visit today.

2 thoughts on “Introducing Quicksalary

  1. Very cool. That means employers can now pay employees per hour/day, and they can have access to funds they have earned before the actual payday. Very impressive, I love it!

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