Quicksalary Value Proposition for Employers

The success of a company amongst its clients, stakeholders and competitors are dependent on a number of factors that creates a competitive advantage to the brand and the company.

One of such factors is the unique value proposition that solves key issues pertaining to the client/customers’ needs of the company in its market environment.

Quicksalary seeks to solve the recurring problem of pay-day issues, convenience and hassles involved with the financial benefits at the end of the month and payment cycle of employees.

At Quicksalary, we combine a variety of efficient tech-based solutions on our social platform and online space which is both secured and user-friendly with little or no instructions on how to navigate and utilize our product and services with flexible requirements all at one-click away.

Our Solutions are double-edged, cutting across Employers and Employees alike. We pride ourselves in our products as we increase employee productivity, retention, sales and efficiency as well as motivate employees on output by working with their employers to provide timely and instant access to their earnings and wages as they work. This solves a variety of problems for both the employer and the employee. 

Our services create a payment cycle that involves cash lodgments which employees can access from the comfort of their homes and offices even before payday. We work with employers to create a daily/weekly or bi-weekly payment schedule across a monthly period to ascertain how much an employee can have at his/her disposal right before payday.

In developed countries and comparison with best practices, employees earn per/hour and even per/day on some common cases, that way employees bother less about those miscellaneous expenditure, loans with strenuous and unfavorable interest  rates, spontaneous bills and recurrent expenditure within the working period, in providing a solution on this blueprint, employers can attract the best skills and competent employees to their firm.

We ease the burden on employers who provide employee information on our platform for a flexible payment plan linking employer and employee details which will be accessible to both parties involved as well linking the individual bank accounts to their banks for easy withdrawal of cash, payment of bills and utilities at their own convenience.

Our requirements are neither cumbersome nor complex and can be accessible by even the least skilled-employee of the firm through our onboarding process which is seamless and require little to no-expertise in the cyber world.

We are equipped with efficient and prompt customer services and support system which is accessible to all clients and partners involved.

By employing our products and services, Employers will mitigate the challenges of employee theft, fraud and constant request for payment overdraft and advance.

Our onboarding process on our platform for Employers require- An active business email, memorandum of association and articles of association. Employees of the firm carry out an onboarding process with their official company mail, bank account number and the employer I.D on our platform to link all employees to the employer for their swift payments. A process which is entirely free of charge and can be done conveniently from the comfort of office, home or on-the-go.

In a Nutshell, we create value and solutions-based strategies imbibed in our services and products for:

Who: Employers and employees who seek to minimize payday hassles and advance payment issues as well as mitigate loan interests and meet recurrent expenditure. 

What: cutting-edge technology and efficient customer services that reduces the burden of payment schedule and advance payment on employers.

How: using efficient software tools and platforms that increases financial convenience of employers and their employees with easy login and onboarding processes.

Where: Our products are cloud-based with optimal cyber security at the satisfaction that comes with the comfort of convenience at the office space and on the go.

Why: In today’s technology-based market space globally, fast-paced business environment and in compliance with global standards and best practices, we provide the following value proposition for our clients and their employees:

  • Convenience and flexibility- thereby easing the administrative burden of tracking cash outflow on finance and account personnel.
  • Retain & recruit better- with our services meeting the required standards globally, thereby improving employees’ output and overall performance thus attracting top quality talents
  • Tech-inclusion- Our services provide employers the opportunity to have employees on board with a tech-orientation and overall interest in tech-inclusiveness and usage in other existing tech-related aspects of the business/firm/company.
  • Improves employees’ productivity & engagement- With our product and services in place, the financial stress and burden are lifted from employees, thereby increasing overall output and productivity.
  • Eliminate administrative burden, risk and bias of administering employee advances- Employees need not bother Hr. and Accounts units of employers for salary advance. Our services provide that at “one-click” away from our platform.
  • Mitigates cases of employee theft and fraud- The temptation of theft, fraud and pilfering involved in day-to-day cash businesses at the workplace are completely mitigated as employees have access to their daily wages.
  • Reduces absenteeism & health care costs- The happier, healthier and motivated the employee, the better the engagement and overall productivity and increased engagements which builds team cohesion and a better workforce. This is guaranteed when employees get effective and timely payment; a key issue our product addresses.
  • Trust, integrity and professionalism: Our products and services ensure employees are less enticed with a “side-hustle”, and petty jobs that take their time and split their productivity and can create room for absenteeism, soliciting existing company clients for jobs/tasks meant for the business at a less rate.

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